Jet Set Radio released on iOS and Android

Today Sega has released Jet Set Radio on iOS and Android.

Jet Set Radio was one of my favourite titles from the Dreamcast era (a console that should and could have done a lot better) amongst so many other titles on the unappreciated console. I’m glad someone has taken the time to revive this title.

Jet Set Radio sees you playing as a member of a rebellious gang called The GGs as they fight to gain control of the fictional Tokyo-to whilst dealing with rival gangs and the police. Your character rides using inline skates and is able to jump, grind on rails and skitch on the back of cars. Wikipedia

I really liked the cell shaded style of the whole game coupled with a quirkiness only the Japanese seem to manage. The game had already seen a revival on the Xbox Arcade but the big deal with the mobile release is the touch screen graffiti control, previously you would follow the on screen indicators with your analogue stick to draw the graffiti but with the touch screen you now gesture your “tag” on the screen which works really well.

Jet Set Radio

I’ve seen a few reviews slating the on screen controls for movement, while they are a bit tricky to get used to a 3rd person rotating environment, it was still tricky with a gamepad until you got used to it.

In any case I was very pleased to see this game on the mobile devices, it’s an example of how far technology has come and how fast! I look forward to seeing what else gets app’d. Shenmue perhaps?